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Giving your baby a bath is a wonderful way for you and your little one to bond and have fun together. To make the bathing routine as easy and relaxing as possible, it’s important to have the right gear and products on hand. This latest version of the Blooming Bath Lotus baby bath now has wider pedals.

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  • It has a convenient shower rod hook that you can use to store the tub for drying.
  • Most of the drains remove maximum amount of water and leave a small amount behind – which can be wiped using a cloth.
  • The delicate, plushy flower does all the work for you.
  • The fabric is stretched over a frame and the sling helps you prop up the baby in an inclined position while bathing.
  • If that’s not possible due to some cultural reasons, parents should wait for at least 6 hours to give the baby the first bath.

This is not a tub for toddlers but will work for your baby from newborn up to about 3-4 months of age or until the baby is sitting up on their own. If you consider using it during travel, choose one that is compact or inflatable because they are lightweight and easy to transport. For small spaces, choose one that does not take up much space. You won’t have to lift the tub so as to drain it thanks to the included drain hole. It is also easy to blow up and deflate making it great for travel.

You can use it in two different ways, as your child grows, without baby reveal ideas having to change anything. This one is for parents who either go big, or go home. It’s got all the features you’ve ever dreamed of in a baby bath and more.

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Have your supplies at hand before you put your baby in the tub, and if you absolutely have to fetch something you forgot, wrap her in a towel and take her with you. And since wet baby bottoms are slippery bottoms, the tub bottom shouldn’t be. Place a skid-free bath mat or a towel under her bum to prevent slips and slides. Thanks to the padded design, your little one gets a safe and comfy environment.

It has safety features like non-slip surfaces and a temperature display. It’s easy to clean, and it’s great for travel since it’s so easy to store. The most important part about this though, is that it is a Disney product, with Disney characters. Well, babies don’t really know them that well, but we think they will still love them.


The only 8 piece baby bath of its kind complete with all that is needed for baby bath time making it fun and enjoyable for mum and baby. This mat also has suction cups galore, which is important for a dependable hold. However, check your tub, this bath mat is only suitable for smooth surfaces. Does your baby have a classic rubber ducky for bath times? The vibrant yellow duck brings color and fun to bath time.

Some, such as the BEABA by Shnuggle or the Munchkin Sit and Soak, have your baby slightly reclined, and are a cross between a bucket and a tub. Others, such as the Prince Lionheart WashPOD, are fairly vertical. On the other hand, they can feel quite large for newborns, and intimidating for new parents to use on infants. Plus, you’ll likely need to kneel beside it, which can be uncomfortable or impossible for some parents. Or use super safe, food quality non toxic materials (vs. questionable materials) .

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That is because buying the two separate products would be costly. However, that does not affect the quality of the product. You can easily move around this baby change table with a bath because it has wheels. Since it is 2 in 1 baby bath and change table, it automatically takes up less space than two separate products would. Dimensions of the combined bath and table are 36x34in. Check the changing pad features that you will get with the baby bath stand and change table.

Option 3: Portable Bathtubs For Baby Travel

Hope this article has helped you to sort out the best bathtub mat for your bathroom. For this process, the mat should be placed inside the machine with cold water and mild detergent. Hot water and bleach ensure greater cleaning but are not recommended as in most cases it can cause discoloration of the mat.