How To Choose The Best Breast Pump As A New Mom

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There can be a total interference with newborn’s sleep through too much caffeine. If you will be engaged in breastfeeding and pumping while having occasional alcoholic drinks, ensure to leave a space of two hours. This will help to normalize the taste and odor of your breast milk that the baby feeds on. Feeding the baby as per his demands is important because the more you breastfeed your baby, the more you will pump. Even while pumping, you must continue to breastfeed because it results in breastfeeding every couple of hours which can also mean at least one time a night. Ask your husband or anyone else to hold the baby as you pump.

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  • You can also try these strategies if you or your baby is struggling.
  • Do you have any articles written about pumping beyond the one year mark?
  • A pump is not as efficient as a well-latched baby and so a baby who breastfeeds well is the “best pump”.
  • I have been told to only nurse from one breast per session so LO can get more hindmilk, so pumping at the same time makes perfect sense.
  • Do keep in mind that any form of suction on your body is going to leave some indentations around the target area.
  • You might be thinking “Duh Sydney” but I can’t tell you how many times I have started nursing and then had to ask Josh to bring me like 4 things.

This study reported breastfeeding-related increases in white matter in regions that typically mature later in development, including frontal and temporal regions. Another critical follow-up study from the same group of researchers assessed changes in white matter volume in a longitudinal design . These findings corroborate the EEG spectral power analyses presented above , suggesting that breastfeeding influences the timing and duration of myelination processes in infancy. Furthermore, Deoni et al. compared the brain development outcomes of infants fed different types of formula.

Breastfeeding triggers biochemical reactions which allow for the enzymes, hormones, growth factors and immunologic substances to effectively defend against infectious diseases for the infant. The breast milk also has long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids which help with normal retinal and neural development. Nursing mothers should understand that nicotine is passed to the baby in breast milk, and they should never nurse their baby immediately after smoking or while smoking. Babies exposed to secondhand smoke also are at risk for a number of health issues, so if a woman smokes, she should nurse her baby after smoking, in a room away from cigarette smoke. Of course, the safest policy for both mother and baby is to abstain from tobacco use while breastfeeding and forever thereafter.

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This can also make a big difference in keeping your motivation up. Pumping bras with padding are also great for hands-free nursing and the least amount of wardrobe changes. And finally, make sure you are wearing nursing-friendly clothing.

If you’re having trouble with let-down, it could be helpful to hold something that reminds you of your baby or has your baby’s scent, like a picture, video on your phone, blanket, or piece of clothing. Your let-down also can be affected if you’re frustrated, embarrassed, or rushed. Try relaxing in a comfortable chair or couch and don’t stress out too much about producing enough milk. Often, women’s milk will «let down» when they see or hear their babies cry. So, when faced with an object instead of the welcoming face of your little one, you may find it hard to pump.

Same Pump, No Battery

When I was finished with my own assessment I sent my two finalists in the double electric category to two lactating Wirecutter staff members to test head-to-head. Each mom—one pumping for her first baby, who was about eight months old at the time and the other for her third child, who was then about five months old—compared the two pumps over several weeks of testing . Double electric pumps are either battery operated or plug into a wall, and they can extract milk from both breasts at once. Their suction is created with an electric motor that generates the vacuum.

Start with the session that seems least important to the baby or the one in which the baby eats the least. Give the baby a few days to adjust before stopping the next feeding session. Repeat the process to eliminate each feeding session, up to the last.

This will begin to tell your body to produce more milk than what baby consumes. It is suggested to start with an additional minutes of pumping 2-3 times per day after you’re done nursing. Whip out that breast pump and use it once or twice per day for minutes after you have nursed your baby.

Power Pumping Intervals

“Observe if outlets will be an option as well to determine if electric or battery-operated will be best,” Georgakopoulos adds. Not all pumps are created equal, and it may cost more in time and frustration when buying a cheaper pump. That’s why there are a few things to consider before making a purchase. You are occasionally separated from the baby for more than a couple of hours at a time.