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This podcast focuses on having conversations with a diverse group of traders that have all experienced success in trading. Patrick is the co-founder and Chairman of Colossus as well as the managing partner at Positive Sum and the CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management. Learn financial modeling and valuation in Excel the easy way, with step-by-step training. Public lets you buy any stock with any amount of money — commission-free. In this episode of The Bid Podcast, Jean Boivin, Vivek Paul, and Wei Li discuss BlackRock’s Investment Institute’s 2022 Midyear outlook.

If you are familiar with BiggerPockets, you’re likely already thankful for having it as a resource. Paul Sweeney and Lisa Abramowicz focus on market coverage as Wall Street begins its day, with analysis from Bloomberg Gadfly writers, Bloomberg Intelligence analysts, and influential newsmakers. FT News Briefingis a short daily rundown of the top global stories you need to know for the day ahead. Bringing you revealing stories about the worlds of business, finance, technology, and beyond.

Fast Money with Melissa Lee is a CNBC podcast that covers finance and stock market-related news. Keeping up with the current stock trading news is essential for making informed investments and this podcast offers great insight. The Fast Money podcast is also a great informative medium for those who want to become a research analyst or an economist. A stocks podcast provides finance and investment literacy information to a wide range of audiences, including both novices and experts. A great stocks podcast also incorporates educational elements into reports and discussions meant for finance newbies.

Patrick O’Shaughnessy, CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, speaks with investors, founders and CEOs to capture and share the world’s best business and investing knowledge. His mission is to educate and enable builders as he explores the ideas and methods that will help listeners better invest their time and money. Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Poor Dad, sits down with investing, business, and personal development professionals to provide listeners with various perspectives on how to set themselves up for financial success. Recent episodes discuss hot topics like clean energy, cryptocurrency, and gold. If you are looking to expand your investing knowledge, learn from top financial experts, or stay up-to-date on important market-moving news, here are 10 investing podcasts for you. Brought to you by the Institute of Management Accountants, the Count Me In podcast provides a look into the corporate finance and accounting worlds.

best podcast for stock market news

Motley Fool Money is a rundown of all the stock market news to close out the week, served with a side of commentary from the Fool’s expert analysis team. They break down any and all mitigating factors that may influence Wall Street and the impact it will have on investors. This is a great resource to turn to during earnings season to get a condensed version of the week’s anarchy, all in one place. We Study Billionaires is the flagship podcast of The Investor’s Podcast Network with more than 30 million downloads. They then help you understand how you can apply these investment strategies in your own life when it comes to the stock market. Overall, this show is great for beginners and intermediate investors, although having some knowledge about the business world as well is key as the show isn’t just focused on the stock market.

Best Investing Podcasts for Beginners

Earning money is intimidating enough, but many people find that once they have it, they’re totally unsure of how to grow it. Investing is a daunting challenge, and in an age when there are plenty of websites, blogs, and podcasts to turn to for advice, it can be hard to sort through all the chatter and find information that’s actually valuable. As a global financial services firm, Morgan Stanley is committed to technological innovation. We rely on our technologists around the world to create leading-edge, secure platforms for all our businesses.

As value investors at The Investor’s Podcast Network, we don’t often study companies in those areas. Other times, the companies and industries are outside our circles of competency. However, the team behind the show makes everything easy to understand and provides workable insights and ideas to apply to your own personal portfolio. As the #1 ranked options trading podcast, host Kirk Du Plessis looks to inspire, motivate, and provide actionable advice. On a weekly basis, he covers a new trading topic, a case study, or an interview with a successful trader. As a result, it teaches you everything you need to know about options trading and the stock market.

We routinely remove inactive blogs and those which are no longer relevant to a given list. List is updated as we receive new blog submissions and re-ranked every few weeks. I review potential investments and look at what main characteristics stand out in a long term investment. I try to look for good companies at attractive valuations and to understand whether or not I am able to make a good decision on these ideas.

As part of their discussions, they translate the news stories into potential implications for investors, both good and bad, as well as providing stock picks to potentially benefit from those news stories. David Stein, host of the Money For the Rest of Us podcast, describes what he’s building with his podcast and community by saying, “you manage your own money. The Money For the Rest of Us podcast typically doesn’t have guests, nevertheless, Stein does a great job teaching how money works, how to invest it, and how to live without worrying about it, with just himself and a mic.

Covering a wide range of topics, the Bloomberg Surveillance podcast and team does a great job of providing actionable, timely insights impacting global financial markets. As a retired software entrepreneur turned hedge fund manager, host Erik Townsend provides weekly stock market and macroeconomic commentary, as well as interviews some of the brightest minds in finance. If you’re closer x open hub review to the “Advanced” end of the spectrum than you are the “Beginner” end, the MacroVoices podcast is a great option for you. Oftentimes, FIRE podcasts are designed around a few, narrow strategies that are supposed to be followed by everyone. Jonathan and Brad have done a great job of opening the world of FIRE to various different ways to get to the same end goal many people share.

Every weekday, host Kai Ryssdal helps you make sense of the day’s business and economic news – no econ degree or finance background required. Our team of reporters all over the world speak with CEOs, policymakers and regular people just trying to get by. The Talking Markets Podcast with Franklin Templeton explores perspectives and insights from our investment leaders. Tune in as we provide regular updates on developments shaping markets, industries and investment opportunities. Every week Co-Founder Jim Stromberg give his insight, tips, and tricks into the world of stock trading.

He guides you toward patience and methodical planning over flashy investments. He also candidly shares examples of his own past mistakes, giving investors the tools to ask the right questions in any situation while thinking axitrader review objectively about their portfolios. In “Big Money Thinks Small,” veteran fund manager Joel Tillinghast shares from his wealth of knowledge with advice that may, at first, come off a bit more Karate Kid than you expected.

How do beginners invest?

  1. High-yield savings accounts. This can be one of the simplest ways to boost the return on your money above what you're earning in a typical checking account.
  2. Certificates of deposit (CDs)
  3. 401(k) or another workplace retirement plan.
  4. Mutual funds.
  5. ETFs.
  6. Individual stocks.

In the long run, we see them pressured by structural forces such as a bumpy net-zero transition and a rewiring of global supply chains amid geopolitical tensions. The threats to national and global economies are derived from the valuation of major stocks and social crises. “The Real Risk in 2022” is a discussion with Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, and Jim Rickards into the outlook of 2022 global economics.

Best New Ideas in Money

Unless you’re a finance, business, and investing nerd like us, the truth of the matter is that these topics can be dry and boring. They provide fantastic, actionable insights and commentary on timely business news and investment opportunities. The topics go beyond the usual discussions about investing and cover more complex ground, such as cryptocurrency investments, private equity, and high yield credit investing. If you’ve ever wanted to pick the junior software engineer gehalt brain of a career investor to learn how they maximize returns and identify the best investment opportunities, this investing podcast is a can’t-miss addition to your listening schedule. Presented by Farnoosh Torabi, So Money is the most well-known of the dozens of personal finance podcasts doing the rounds. Torabi interviews everyone from listeners who have an interesting story to tell to world famous personal finance gurus like Tim Ferriss.

Do day traders sell every day?

Day trading is essentially a play on the short-term volatility (or price movement) of a stock on any given day. Day traders buy a stock at one point during the day and then sell out of the position before the market closes.

If you’re interested in hearing choice investment morsels from the likes of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Mohnish Pabrai, this is the investment podcast for you. Along with engaging after dinner conversation, you’ll get easily digestible pointers on how to stay in the fight when stock prices go down, and much more. If you want to start investing and making smart decisions about finances, the first step is becoming more comfortable talking about money.

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The Fairer Cents shines a light on money issues that are unique to women and dissect both the problems and the solutions. Europe is a different story; we’ve expected recession there for months given the energy crunch. By year-end, rate rises will push the euro area into a deeper recession. The European Central Bank appears just as determined as the Fed to fight inflation by raising rates.

On We Study Billionaires, the hosts interview and study some of today’s most successful billionaires—Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, and Howard Marks, for starters. Then, they break down what they learned and, most importantly, tell you how you can apply their winning investment strategies. Every weekday, onReal Vision Daily Brief, the journalists provide expert analysis on the day’s business and investing-related events. Their team has the goal of helping listeners better understand the world of finance, economics, and the broader business world. It provides a daily look at the top stock market news, breaking business and investing stories, and according to the host himself, the “occasional tangent”. Build your confidence with this podcast that gives every investor valuable knowledge about the financial markets and investment strategies.

We see long-term yields moving up further as investors demand a greater term premium. We prefer short-maturity bonds instead and expect a steepening of the yield curve.Global inflation-linked bondsWe are overweight global inflation-linked bonds and now prefer Europe. The pullback in euro area breakeven rates since May suggests markets are underappreciating the inflationary pressures from the energy shock.European government bondsWe are neutral European government bonds.

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All it takes to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the markets is a quick read of the front cover of The Wall Street Journal each morning. That’s right, you don’t even need to open it up for it to make you smarter. By locking away biases and preconceptions, one can make investment decisions thinking clearly, rationally and analytically. In “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” psychologist Daniel Kahneman examines how your thought processes can affect your success in investing. This book is a stellar example of applied behavioral economics that offers easy to follow and extremely relatable examples of nebulous concepts.

What is the best source for stock market news?

Historically, The Wall Street Journal is one of the most reputable and reliable sources for financial information.

There are many investing podcasts available on a variety of investing-related topics. We chose the top 8 based on who they’re geared to, what topics they cover, the hosts’ background, and the formats of the shows. The Invest Like the Best Podcast isn’t so much a conversational show as a tutorial in investing, led by instructors who have achieved real-world success in the market. Saul-Sehy and OG are regularly joined by recognized finance experts eager to share what they know about investing and money. It’s a fun, friendly, and candidly conversational podcast that’s great for the investor who’s just beginning to build their portfolio. The tech M&A podcast recently reached its 100th podcast, and offers a fantastic dip-in and dip-out format for casual listeners looking to expand on a certain area of M&A.

Top Traders Unplugged consistently provides a great analysis of the financial and economic markets. There is no “fluff;” instead, you’ll find a humble approach to investing and trading. The real-life experience and actionable ideas from the host and his guests are invaluable. Rather than strictly learning conceptually, you’ll leave listening to this with ideas to actually implement in your investing. Trading Stock Made Easy with Tyrone Jackson is a weekly Podcast hosted by stock market trader, teacher, and mentor Tyrone Jackson. Best known for his Huffington Post blogs and his Wealthy Investor Program, Mr. Jackson will help demystify stock trading and investing so you can profit.

The goal of the show is to provide daily insights to the latest global trends in finance, economics, and investing, by chatting with leading financial experts from across the world. Although they started by studying Buffett nearly exclusively, Stig, Preston, and Trey have done a great job over the years of transitioning the show’s coverage to more relevant, timely, and actionable ideas. Many value investing and Buffett aficionados are not able to pivot to new ideas, strategies, or concepts, such as Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and even macroeconomics, the way Stig, Preston, and Trey, have. Motley Fool Money with Chris Hill is a flagship podcast that has been offering stock investment and finance advice since 1993. Motley Fool Money reports an overall customer feedback rating of 4.3 out of five stars.